Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Learning Dashboards NOT portals

Web portals are old and useless. Especially when one corporate gatekeeper(s) creates the portal with content of their choosing. Okay so maybe they give you a tiny amount of space to be modified but your options are slim, and rarely do they have fresh content.

I LOVE my personalized Google homepage and filling the sections with my favorite RSS feeds. (Check out netvibes too)This is MY content where and when I want it. Wow, that sure does sound like the mantra of eLearning and KM professionals now doesn't it...hmmmm.

Wouldn't if be great if our corporate organizations, project/program teams, senior leaders, AND the lowest level employees were ALL blogging, or adding to a WIKI, and generating RSS feeds that could be added to a personal dashboard. Now THAT's communication...in real time.

If we consider the employee of the not so distant future, this will be manditory. The content is going to consist of not only text, but audio(podcasting), and video(vodcasting), engaging users with collaborative tools. The content feeds will be delivered to cellphones, PDAs, and iPods.

This is NOT something that the learning and KM gurus are out there creating and that we will need to buy. These are the tools of the next generation workforce...they exist NOW...and people are using them in amazing ways.

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