Tuesday, November 08, 2005

SOUND Instructional Design

Podcasting has been very HOT!  Syndicating podcasts via RSS is great way to deliver current content.   But how do you make a podcast…and how to you then syndicate it.  AND how do you get your end-user (audience) to add it to their RSS Dashboard.


Besides podcasting most Authoring Tools have made it extremely easy to add audio files to your course…GREAT!  But then we’re stuck trying to figure out how to create that darn little audio file with all of your jewels of knowledge.  You could google it…but I’ll give you a good one to start with…



Oh, yeah!  Don’t forget that adding sound WITH the text transcript on the screen REDUCES learning (Ruth Clark Consulting).  So, remember the Zen of presentations, and wabi-sabi to help guide you in all of your media creation adventures.  Now give me 3 big ohms J


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