Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pandora's Music Box - Learning possibilities?

You've got to check this out - Pandora

Before the internet I used to love going to the music story and looking for something new, yet familiar enough in style to be enjoyed. Somedays were great, popping in the CD and being thrilled with the new sounds. Other days...not so great, but it was always fun.

So, I entered Joe Satriani into the artist field and I have been enjoying similar artists, many I have never heard of, for the last hour. I will no doubt hit iTunes tonight and buy a boat load of new songs.

This is a web2.0 app of the finest caliber. This is what the "internet as platform" is all about. It helps me, period. It helps me connect with other people. It helps me manage my life. It helps me purchase items. It informs me. It teaches me...and I learn...and I apply what I've learned.

[now playing The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion...awesome!]

So, people are out there defining these algorithms that pull microelements together...microformats...and delivering exactly what you want AND those things that you MIGHT want as well. Where are the web2.0 apps doing this for learning content?

Things I believe...
1) I believe there should be (might already be) a microformat for training content
2) I believe there should be a microformat for My Education/Learning: certifications, degrees, coursework, etc. This should be readable by ALL LMS systems. Basically, I want all of my Education/Learning info to be portable from job to job, system to system.

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