Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Microformats for eLearning

I heard Elliott Masie use the term micro-learning, and nano-learning, at Learning2005. In pondering that concept I also ran across a similar trend in web programming appropriately named microformats. You can get a little taste for microformats with this primer.

It’s interesting to me that web2.0 and the newer web concepts and technologies tend to direct support the needs of the users. 10 years ago many of the users were also the programmers and so much of the tools for creation were complicated and had a steep learning curve. WYSIWYG apps helped bridge the gaps allowing regular tech-folk to create web pages and start web site creation careers and businesses. Today, the technologists are actually using phrases like…”solve a specific problem”, “start as simple as possible”, “design for humans FIRST, computers second”. That’s the one that really got me.

Have we started looking at learning problems? What sorts of microformats do we need for eLearning? Is SCORM a microformat?

If you are a course developer, or learning professional in any capacity, MICROFORMATS must be on your radar screen.

Technorati Developers wiki on microformats

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