Friday, December 02, 2005

Legal Review of Training Content

I learned an important tip from a colleague the other day regarding the legal issues of training. Most of my training development career has led me to technical areas of training involving skills and business processes. Not much need for legal to get involved there. But if you (soon to be me) are creating online training that has content mandated by law, or in some way puts your company into compliance with a law, then you must be able to supply documentation of "what was learned".

As my colleague put it "sending a link to legal just doesn't cut". More specifically, if legal needs to present the content of a particular course to a court they must have the complete course in a printable format.
Questions to ask yourself:
1) Does your LMS or course delivery system allow you to print an entire course?
2) If not, is your story board or flow chart of content in an acceptable format for a court?
3) Do you even HAVE story boards or flow charts? (I only ask this because many tools allow us to use the actual development tool during the ISD process)

Many course development tools allow for export to PDF which is a blessing.

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