Thursday, March 16, 2006

Requesting the help of EDUbloggers worldwide

A big hello to the edublogging community,

There is a lot of discussion around blogs in the classroom, wikis in education, games in education(custom and COTS), etc. 


I need some input and unfortunately very quickly.  I need all of you educators to dream big for a moment.


I hear a lot about schools that have computers, and internet connections, but the teachers don’t know how to integrate them into the classroom, don’t know how to use blogs, wikis, etc.  If there was a big sandbox/learning environment/community online for educators to experiment and use in their classrooms what would that look like?


Do you want a free virtual 3D environment like SecondLife?  Do you want a better online blogging/wiki/aggregator specific to fit your classroom?  Do you simply want to be connected to other educators via a simple web interface?  Give me your feedback and it just might be more possible than you think.


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