Friday, March 17, 2006 - And part 2 of experiences

Tony Loyd of introduced himself to me today and pointed me to his blog and podcast. I love the blog, Tony. Great's in my aggregator.

I'm a day late on Part 2 of my mini-mini-series reviewing my experiences in the Web2.0 world...experiencing the CutlureShift Tsunami.
Part 2 I promised my thoughts on Podcasting. Please remember that this is just MY experience and preferences and not necessarily researched advice on what's good and bad, right or wrong.

1) I LOVE listening to podcasts on my iPod (a 40gig dinasour... waiting for the new video iPod).
2) Leo Laporte is the KING of the technology podcast.
3) BrainBrew Radio with Doug Hall is my personal favorite(TWiT is 2nd)
4) I have learned more and kept up with more info with Podcasting then ever imagined...driving to work(25mins), working out 1hour, cleaning the pool, doing yard work.
5) My favorite podcasts are conversations...feels like I'm hanging out with friends chatting over a pint :-)
6) I'm not a big fan of the one voice works when I'm listening to Tom Peter's Re-Imagine, or Seth Godin's audio books but that's about it.
7) No, I haven't podcasted yet. However I have been a participant in other's podcasts.
8) Quality isn't a big deal... in most cases.
9) Length is not a factor...some short ones are great...and some 60min ones are great, and vice versa.
10) Content is the biggest factor.
11) If you are doing a long podcast be sure to mention everything in highlights right a table of contents.
12) When you are DONE. Don't let the fancy music carry on for another 2mins.

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