Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Experiences with Web2.0 - part 1 - blogging

I have been blogging now for 8 months and participating in the web2.0 world for over a year.  I would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year and highlight my experiences.  Today’s post will be focused on blogging.

First and foremost this has been an incredible learning experience for me.  Second, I hope to continue blogging and make some adjustments to my tools and style of posts.  I will list some short bullets that were important discoveries for me.

-         Blogging truly does connect you with a global audience

-         Blogging takes time

-         Blogging isn’t just about creating, its about consuming AND creating

-         Some blogs post little (one or 2 sentences w/links) but often (several times a day)

-         Some blogs post big (paragraphs/images) but less often (once a day or only several times a week)

-         Both can be successful

-         Which ever you choose, just don’t stop for a long period without informing your audience.

-         Blogs with images/visuals are more interesting…to me.

-         New, original content is hard to find, but if you’re the first, other bloggers link to you.

-         Blogging takes more time…if you want to be at the top of your niche.

-         Tracking conversations/comments is not that easy…but getting easier

-         I love the “Blog this” button

-         The connections are the greatest part.  I love getting a comment from someone new and from the icons in my field

-         Consuming other blogs is like being inside the mind of some great thinkers…Seth Godin, Tom Peters, etc.


I know there is so much more, but time does not permit.  I will post some thoughts on Podcasting tomorrow.

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