Thursday, April 20, 2006

The New Media Creators are us

ZDNet has a good article on the creators of new media.  This content creation “at the edges” is disrupting the normal media channels that have traditionally delivered content to the masses.  If you haven’t heard, media consumers are “ripping” media content(Saturday Night Live, etc.) and posting it to blogs and YouTube, etc.  Ripping, remixing, and feeding is becoming the standard of media creation “at the edges”.


I believe this will have a huge impact in corporate learning as we begin to feel safe with users creating content.  Corporate cultures need to change in order to take advantage of the new media creators.  Internal systems need to be upgraded to support the increased amounts of bandwidth intense media distribution.  Once the culture and the infrastructure begins to changes you will begin to see the explosive adoption, and movement of creation towards the learners. 


The ISD community and corporate training departments must learn to see and adapt accordingly.  We will not completely delete the work we have done but it will slowly be phased out.  If we do not support these fundamental changes, over time our traditional elearning course offerings will become obsolete as people will find what they need through informal channels, sharing with their peers.


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