Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Great new tools from Web2.0 world

Thanks to Will for showing me  This makes blogging so much easier.  I also discovered Google Notebook and Thinkfree via Weblogged and a couple other sources that I forgot, sorry.
This is great stuff and it just keeps getting better and better.   The world is moving much quicker and new ideas and tools are flourishing at faster and faster rates.  I see 2 kinds of people out there right now:  1) the alpha geeks, checking out everything as it becomes available kicking the tires and looking for usefulness.
2) the non-geeks who would rather leave it all alone until it "stabalizes" and becomes a standard "must have" like  cell phones, the microwave oven, or the car before that.

I think what people are missing is that the changes themselves are occuring at a much faster rate and unless you can LEARN new tools and technologies quickly you will forever be waiting for the changes to stop.  There is a ton of great research on this topic but I can't remember those either right now...go ahead and google it.

Our school systems are not equipped to deal with the fast pace of change.  Our current training development processes are not equipped to deal with it either.  I have a hard time swallowing that it takes 90days to create an online training course with "1 hour" seat time.  That's a totally static, uneditable, single player, application that is supposed to teach me something.  As noted in past posts and by others we get about .4% effectiveness with that...Bummer for the guys paying 25K for it.  And then another 5-10k annually to update it.

This is my long-winded segue into "From Product to Service" a follow up on from product focus to Audience focus.

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