Thursday, July 27, 2006

Games, the internet, return of ILT?

Just scanning through feeddemon and I see this post from O'reilly referencing an article about adults hiring kids to teach them how to improve their videogame skills.  Hey, don't ever tell your kids that they can't make any money from videogames.  Apparently, some guy is paying a kid 45$ an hour to tutor him on halo2.  Not a bad gig for a teenager.
but I digress...
here's the money quote:
"But what's really interesting to me here is the rise of remote instruction. When we did a scenario planning exercise a few years ago about the future of online publishing, one of the scenarios we explored was the use of the internet to provide remote instructor-led training. Sure enough, more and more news headlines supporting this scenario are starting to appear. (See for example, HP's RAILprogram.)
I think virtual environments like Secondlife are bringing Instructor-led training back into the picture. Not that it ever left but the costs to do global training face-to-face were just too high. So we all moved to WBTs as a cost cutting measure (damn the learning). Teleconferencing helped a little but virtual environments are becoming part of our culture and our future employee base will be very comfortable grouping with teams in online environments to solve problems, and be lead, or coached by instructors, or mentors. The possibilities are truly endless.

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