Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blackboard Patent on LMS systems

I think everyone is commenting on this issue, but I want to just add my $.02 by adding George Siemens' $.02. I’m totally with him on this statement:
"What's the impact? I can't say I'm really worried. I have moved away from LMS' to a certain degree. In a perfect world, I would get a chunk of funding and create a tool that is much less like an LMS...and much more like a social network/portfolio/blog/wiki /tagging/user-generated/search tool (some call them personal learning environments). What we really need are new tools that do new things. Not tools that duplicate the classroom experience. Blackboard is, before this patent was awarded, not the future (at least based on its current tool-offerings). Bb (well, any LMS that structures content in "courses") sees knowledge as a product, not process. We need tools that enable us to navigate a river of knowledge...not a reservoir."
Many of us believe the educational model automated by Bb is outdated.  It will take many years for educational system to change and therefore as a business, its a good move on Bb's part.  This gives them strength in their market.  Does this forward the cause of learning, no.  But, I'm not sure that's part of their business model. 

They will continue on their path and we will continue on ours.  Maybe someday we will cross paths again.

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Anonymous said...

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