Friday, August 25, 2006

What the web was SUPPOSED to be?

Thanks Jay for the reminder of Tim Berners-Lee comments on Web2.0. I meant to comment on this earlier.
I don't know...maybe Tim's just bummed that HIS web didn't ORIGINALLY turn out to be what HE wanted it to be.  Sure the original intent of the web was collaborating and sharing information but the only people that could understand it as a  collaborative 2-way medium were computer scientists.  Even when the web became big, writing HTML was more than what the average person wanted to undertake.  Yes, many did, and got rich...oh yeah, and there was a bubble...POP!  But the larger population of internet users merely consumed information.  It was very one-way.
Computers got cheaper, bandwidth increased, digital cameras appeared, videocams got cheap, recording audio got cheap.  The technologies to create and publish in a fun, creative way got cheap and EASY! 
So, sure it took some time before the masses could realize the vision of the original internet but now they are starting too.  And they are starting to run with and take control of their own lives around the consumption and creation of media content.  They have changed greatly...the web, only slightly
I'm sorry that WEB1.0 butchered the dream for the original creators and super-thinkers behind the internet, but the internet that was in 1995 is significantly better in 2005 for normal people.   It is completely different not in its structure, but in how people USE it.  And THAT is what is revolutionary.  That is why Web2.0 changes everything.  Infact the web actually changed only slightly, its the users that crushed Web1.0 and created Web2.0.  And that significance derserves a rev. number.
But that's just the $.02 from an edtech guy.

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