Monday, August 07, 2006

The Ze Frank Show - Design and User-generated content

Design and user-generated content are 2 major areas causing a shift in our industry. Regarding design, timeliness and content quality trump media quality...i.e. just get it out there because people want it right now. Example: if the answer to my problem is solved via a poorly written blog, then so be it. Regarding user-generated content, never in history has there been so many people utilizing their creative talents with cheap, easy to use tools...i.e. photography, video, cartooning, writing, etc. The publishing tools bring both design, production, and publishing to the masses. If you get nervous when gurus like Kevin Kruse say your job is in jeapardy look no further than those people you call your end users, or customers. Our users are the learning professionals biggest competition.

The Ze Frank Show, a popular vlog, has this post where he responds to a reader's comment. "S-s-s-somethin' from the comments" is one of the best segments of the show. Get past the "I knows me some ugly" song and then the design rant begins.

P.S. If you don't know who Ze Frank is then this little viral Flash animation titled How to Dance Properly might jog your memory.

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Greg Marra said...

Thanks, I was looking for that episode of The Show and found it through your link.