Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Zimbio: putting Learning2.0 together...finally!

Many people ask me for examples of what a Learning Ecosystem looks like. There are several images that bloggers have created, but we want apps that people can get their hands on. Sure ELGG is awesome because I can download and install the framework onto my own server! But Zimbio takes user-created social networks to a completely new...well...complete...level. Thanks to Alan of CogDogBlog for the review/reminder.
I've used recently to help people "get it", but this is by far more of what I would consider a Social Learning Ecosystem. Now if only I could download the framework and run it behind my corporate firewall. Now that would be awesome!  Oh yea, I'm a little frustrated trying to figure out how I JOIN other existing groups.  But I created my own group just fine.  Check out Corporate eLearning Development at Zimbio.

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Anonymous said...

Brent - thanks for the encouragement about Zimbio. We're working hard to make Zimbio a great place for people to research and learn about any topic.

In terms of joining existing groups... you can add to or edit any of the existing portals by clicking on the "Add Content" link in the top left-hand corner of each startpage.

We're also working on a feature that will allow you to save your favorite portals - coming soon.