Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another learning professional discovers the learning reality of virtual reality

I'm trying not to blog during this long holiday weekend, but I couldn't help check the blogosphere just once.  I was moved to post by several posts that I saw, but none more so than the virtual worlds? post at Learnlets.  I love to read about the experiences others are having within virtual environments.  And I don't care which environments either, although most of the action these days is happening within SecondLife.  The video he links to is very well done and I've shown it many times over. 
The great part about Clark's post is his reaction to the creation tools, and capabilities...
"I saw something I hadn’t really thought about. Most of it was the standard “places to meet”, events, and some nooks and crannies to explore, but…
…that’s not what interested me. What’s interesting is that it is easy (apparently, I didn’t master it in my exploration) to create new things. So you can make models or representations and share them. THIS is a major benefit. Now we can share 3D representations and discuss them."
I've discovered that THIS, the creation piece, is what turns the light on for many of my colleagues.  Its the user-generated content capabilities that takes us from a fun place to hang out and chat, to a Learning Platform for serious constructivist activities.

I will be leading a session at Devlearn2006 in Oct to help everyone make that leap.  It's truly amazing, and I'm looking forward to it.

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