Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Learning as Art - continued discussion

I like Mark's current line of thinking and so I'm going to follow along for the ride.  Understanding Comics should be required reading at ALL educational institutions.  Don't forget the theory put forth by Dan Pink in A Whole New MindRight-Brainers will Rule the Future.  If you want your little Johnny or Jenny to be successful in the years ahead, you better start exercising that hemisphere of your brain deemed unnecessary by our educational systems.  But I digress...
Mark points to Garr Reynolds who is one of my favorites.   I love the comparison of the 2 slides.  One thing I've tried to start doing for my presentations these days is this:
  1. Use powerpoint the way everyone does with the bullet templates
  2. Then I go back and find/create an image that best illustrates EACH bullet point.
Of course that significantly increases the number of slides and size of the file, but it makes for a much more enjoyable presentation.  You also don't stay on any one slide for very long and so you are forced to keep things moving along.  Check out the Best Presentations Ever over at Squidoo. A must see is Dick Hardt and Identity2.0.

The amplification through simplification process is HIGHLY effective for presentations.  So, why wouldn't it be helpful if we "simplify" our training modules/objectives/pages/items? 

Design is EVERYTHING and it will continue to be that way on into the future.

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