Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ScobleShow: Joe Kraus of Jotspot and vlogging key learnings

On my flight to San Francisco I watched the ScobleShow for the first time on my iPod.  I've been keeping up with Scobleizer for about a year and so it was about time to check out what took him away from Microsoft.  For my first selection I watched the Interview with Joe Kraus of Jotspot because I'm a bug fan of wikis.

I have good news and bad news...well, not BAD news but hopefully key learnings for others getting into video blogging.
The good news is that I really enjoyed hearing about Jotspot from the CEO Joe Kraus.  So much so that I am going to give it a test run very soon.  I would recommend LISTENING to the interview.
Which brings me to the bad news, or constructive criticism.  The main thing is that this would have been a lot more effective as a podcast...sans video.

And sitting towards the back of the plane (near engines) made it very difficult to hear Robert's interview questions. 

It looks like Joe had the only microphone clipped to his shirt and Robert went without.

The key learning for me here is similar to my thoughts on giving presentations.  If you don't have a compelling image to support the point you are making then make your point without powerpoint.  Likewise with video.  If you don't have compelling images or creative editing skills then simply stick with audio.  Video makes for a HUGE file size even if it is streaming, so make it worth the wait.

Here is a short list of video bloggers that are using the medium in amazingly creative ways:
ZeFrank's The Show
Ask a Ninja


Anonymous said...

I recently interviewed both Joe Kraus on my podcast/blog (www.etechatwork.com). While Joe's thoughts on entrepreneurship are pretty similar between the two, my interview goes into a little more detail about the application of wikis.

Just thought you might be interested in giving it a listen (it's audio-only and I recorded both sides!):

BTW, I also did a brief interview with Scoble recently as well:


bschlenker said...

Hi Shwen! Thanks for the info. I'm really looking forward to listening to it. I think he has a great perspective on wikis.
Thanks again. I'll post your links as well.