Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Caring story, and the POWER of Blogging

A few months ago I heard some buzz about a new association starting up called the Social Media Club.  I immediately looked to see if there was one forming in Phoenix and I found that Francine Hardaway of Stealthmode Partners has done it.  So, yes, I'm definitely getting involved but that's not what this post is about.

She has a great blog post on her hospital experience getting a hip replacement.  I love her comment on the "physical 'terrorist'", and this snippet...
"At moments like these, it's all about the nursing care, and that varies. Every eight to twelve hours, another team comes on, and in four days there was only one duplicate on the nursing roster. The most consistent caregiver was the physical "terrorist," who returned every day."
She goes on to talk about informing the staff that she is blogging everything that is happening to her...
"Once the hospital people dicovered the blog, they began making all sorts of conciliatory gestures to me, like asking if they could use it as a tea teaching tool. I immediately realized that this blogging gig could guarantee me better care, and I think I would encourage anyone going to the hospital to keep a blog."
I love it. The demoncratization of the web in action! Nice job Francine. I look forward to meeting you at the December meeting.

Oh yeah!  I blogged about this a year ago, but its worth another look Virtual Knee Surgery.  It's not the hip but it's got all the media elements of a truly interactive learning environment.  Basically, everything I would want to see prior to having the surgery if I were the patient. 

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Francine Hardaway, Ph.D said...

Thanks! I am quite happy about how the blog works for the hospital patient and would recommend that everyone going to the hospital buy an Internat-enabled phone (I have a Blackberry Pearl) and keep it by the bedside for those times when you want to share good and bad experiences. One of the highest and best uses of social media, IMHO.