Saturday, November 11, 2006

Instructional Design in the Collective World of YouTubers

This article by A.D. Detrick via Training Day is an interesting read.  I'm not sure I understand the bashing of YouTube and the training pundits that
"came out of the woodwork to benchmark YouTube's impressive statistics." 
Because at the end he beautifully states that
"the collective nature at the heart of our industry's future will not merely dictate that everyone pitch in and create a section of the training, but rather everyone pitch in and create as much of the training as possible"
A YouTube-style video upload service behind the corporate firewall is simply the natural video extension of the corporate blogs.   Obvisously the statistics will be much different.  But giving all the employees the ability to take quick video shots of important events that are poorly articulated in a textual format is a fantastic oportunity.
Manufacturing Example:  What if each "area" had access to a video camera and upload computer station.  Explaining complex technical procedures using video makes more sense than writing every little step down...even though that may need to happen as well, later.  Visuals are much more compelling and also help jump the language hurdles.

(Then again, maybe I'm just tired...the stomach flu hit the kids last night, so not much sleep)

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