Monday, December 04, 2006

Corporate eLearning Podcast EPISODE1

EPISODE#1 of the Corporate eLearning Development Podcast
In the first episode we discuss the Term Learning2.0.  We had some technical difficulties during the live recording over at but most of it was "new user error".
What a great tool!  Click the TalkShoe link below to go directly to the TalkCast page for RSS, iTunes, My Yahoo, Newgator, and Google feeds.  You can also email it to a friend, Create a link for your blog or webpage, and Listen on iTunes.
You can find the education quotes that Judy Brown mentions HERE. Scroll to the bottom and click through the embedded presentation. Here's one of my favorites...
"Students today depend on these expensive fountain pens.  They can no longer write with a straight pen and nib.  We parents must not allow them to wallow in such luxury to the detriment of learning how to cope in the real business world which is not so extravagant." 
~ PTA Gazette, 1941
You can also find more information about Paul Fender at

(NOTE:  I am in the process of editing the raw 'live' TalkCast and reposting, so please fast forward through the few minutes of dead air when we were all disconnected)

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