Wednesday, February 07, 2007

eLearning DevCon 2007 - Chance for a FREE iPhone

The eLearning DevCon 2007 is coming this summer. I know many of you need to plan your conference schedules early, and you also want to take advantage of the early registration discounts ($749 through April 9th).
Good news! Register with the code iPhone and you will be entered into an exclusive drawing for an iPhone.
What? You've never heard of the elearndevcon? Check out what people have said from previous years. For the eLearning Developer that's in the trenches every day designing, developing, and delivering eLearning, this is the best the BEST price.

Oh yeah! I'll be keynoting this year as well. So if you've seen my presentation(s) before, don't worry about it. This will be VERY new and fresh.

I will also be at the April eLearningGuild Gathering in Boston. Check out my sessions, or just look for me and say hi!

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