Friday, February 16, 2007

UTechTips, Cool Videos, and the awesomeness of the web

I met a wonderful blogger who is a teaching in Asia (I think China or Japan...can't remember) last year via the bloggosphere.
Okay, that, in and of itself, is pretty cool to I'm just going to read that a few times until it sinks cool!
We exchanged emails and I think we even had a long phone call...I remember really enjoying his take on education and technology and we had a lot in common. jobs, new computers, life, etc. disconnected that link somehow...temporarily.

Today, I find myself remembering his blog title Utechtips and realized it wasn't in my feed reader in the Learning folder any more. BTW- Its a great title for a blog for him because his last name is Utecht...perfect.

So I'm checking out his blog today trying to virtually catch up with him and find out some very cool stuff.

Jeff Utecht is connected to the AWESOME web2.0 video going around. I remember when Jeff created HIS Awesome Web2.0 video...

...and we talked about posting it and also putting a link to it on the Wikipedia page. I had no idea his video was the inspiration for THIS ONE.

He tells the story in his blog and connects the web2.0 dots...brilliant. I would encourage everyone to read the following blog posts about his experience:
What is Web2.0
A lesson in Connections


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

Thanks for the post. I've tried getting to your site a couple of times from China, but it's blocked....what have you been writing about? ;)

In Singapore now on my way to Bali and trying to get to all those sites I have listed that are blocked in China. I'll be at NECC this year, if you're around let make sure we meet up!

Thanks for the conversation!


bschlenker said...

Good to hear from you. I was just commenting on your web2.0 video, but I'm guessing you can't even read this comment ;-)
I'll send an email.