Friday, February 16, 2007

James Gee moves to ASU

UofW-Madison lost a great scholar recently...NO! Not like that!...James Gee is moving to the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ for my global readers).
"James Paul Gee has been appointed the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Chair in Literacy Studies within ASU's Mary Lou Fulton College of Education."
I must say, I'm psyched! There is a lot going on in education and Technology in AZ but we don't get much air play. But here's why I'm REALLY excited:
"Gee's more recent books deal with video games, language and learning. “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy” offers 36 reasons why good video games produce better learning conditions than many of today's schools. His new book, “Why Video Games Are Good for Your Soul,” shows how good video games marry pleasure and learning and have the capacity to empower people."
But just keeps getting better (at least for ASU, and me)...
"Gee's wife, Elisabeth R. Hayes, is a professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an expert in the area of gender, literacy and technology-based learning. Both will join the faculty at ASU in August."
NOTE: Its blistering HOT in August...but its a DRY heat ;-)

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