Thursday, March 22, 2007

Everyone is a Manager - March - The Big Question

What Would You Do to Support New Managers?

I was just reminded of the big question while cruising RSS reader of choice these days.

Our fearless uber-learning-blogger Tony Karrer points out Dave Lee's concern that there hasn't been much discussion about this month's question. So, I'll add some fuel for thought!

I'm not sure I totally understand the question. It looks like some of us are answering the question by discussing how much training we give to management/leadership programs and, as a trainig department, how we support the middle manager layer.

For the sake of discussion, and to follow Governor Schwarzenegger's sentiment, I'll state the following:

Something I have sensed in the past few years and confirmed via the likes of Tom Peters and others is that it's all about ME inc. and YOU inc. and US inc. We are ALL managers! The most success I've ever had in my business life has come when my manager and I worked and acted like peers...basically elliminating the manager/subordinate relationship.

Leo Laporte Tweeted this:
"Flash of inspiration: we are witnessing the end of the corporate era. The future is digitally empowered individuals in loose confederation."
Slowly, but surely, we are all discovering the power of YOU.

YOU are not insignificant.
YOU have an online identity.
YOU have access to the connected world.
YOU have a network.
YOU have access to others just like matter how YOUnique YOU think YOU are.

In the YOUniverse managers are history.

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