Friday, March 23, 2007

Socially created Quizzes - XplanaZine

The more and more I get into the OpenSource Learning project with the Masie Consortium, the more I see the incredible possibilities.

XplanaZine has taken the social networking idea in the world of quiz creation. Cool! I hadn't thought of that yet. Multiple people helping to craft the perfect assessments instead of random content experts writing their own and trying to be tricky...or worse funny. I'm sure you all have taken a quiz where the last choice is always something completely off-the-wall, or goofy...Yikes, I've even written a few of those in my past.
"According to educational psychologists, the problem with most quizzes is that they do not encourage active learning. Further, some test-makers focus on trick questions and they fail to cover all the instructional content. Thus, badly constructed quizzes do not really assess the knowledge they claim to be measuring."
This is really good stuff! However, apparently I don't have access to but I'll be it's really cool ;-) (I think its the corporate firewall I'm currently connected too)


urbie delgado said...

The link for xplanazine resolves to a 404 error.

bschlenker said...

Well...the jokes on me. Apparently xplanazine doesn't even exist. And now I can't even find the original post even after searching the xplanazine site. Perhaps I was dreaming?