Friday, March 23, 2007

OT: Proud father moment - 9 yr old Daughter Swimming Alcatraz

My daughter is swimming Alcatraz with her team, Swim Neptune. They are working hard to raise money for a nonprofit: FAST - Foundation for Aquatic Safety Training.

Local news coverage. There was video, but they don't leave it up for very long...bummer.

Every year Arizona has far too many drawnings that could have been prevented. Coach Zemaitis has created FAST in an effort to help raise awareness and provide safety equipment, CPR lessons, and more, to families in need.

My daughter Emma will be the youngest female to have crossed the 1.4 mile bay on April 25th.
My wife will be in the water with her, and I will be providing "shore support".

Your donations are welcome and can be done online at the Swim Neptune web site. Or you can contact me directly by leaving a comment or sending an email.

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