Monday, April 16, 2007

Fall Prevention - Take it seriously!

I may be biased because its my wife, but I know all of you that read my blog have someone in your life that you care deeply about and is at risk for a fall. The stats shock me still every time I see them.

This PRWeb press release came across my reader via a google alert that I have set up for fall prevention. And yes, in total disclosure, we DO sell a video on fall prevention. But it was a labor of love and we truly find it to be one of those small areas of life where we can make a difference.

Parent Care is a wonderful, collaborative web service supporting, and helping spread valuable information on the many topics surrounding us all as care-givers to those we love.

Nobody teaches us how to be adult care-givers but our generation requires this knowledge more than any generation before it (longer lifetime's, and larger senior population). And so its about time we all take that learning upon ourselves and share our experiences in an informal learning space.

This is just my little effort at getting the discussion started on a topic that sometimes gets brushed under the rug.

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