Saturday, May 05, 2007

TUTOROM - another tutorial

I found tutorom via Mashable.

It's interesting to watch the learning/education web2.0 tools pop up. I still believe the free market and open market for teachers is the wave of the future. Tutorom might just be the mechanism...maybe not.


Garrick Ducat said...


Perhaps Tutorom is the "wave of the future" but first it needs to become either open source or resource specific. Consider implementing your own Tutorom page that presents content relative to emergency preparedness or sexual harassment. I guess a product like that already exists, Moodle, but to be honest it would be great to see a tool that is completely open access and could have any number of course authors.

bschlenker said...

Brilliant! I'm right there with ya.
When do we start? ;-)
I guess it would be sort of like wiki-courseware: Open, editable, collaborative, sharable, taggable,etc. Perhaps a Coursapedia?
I think the end game is some system that can be dynamicaly and collaboratively sorted into a hierarchy but can still be accessed in any order depending upon the learner. AND the content topic at any of the levels could be added too, commented on, and shared by all users. Its easiest for me to think of an example and the best one for me is MATH. Nobody will argue that you must first understand how to ADD before you can do algebra...and for that matter you must first know your NUMBERS before you can DO ADDing. Its complicated but I think its a nut that can be cracked.
Huge thanks for the comment!!!

Tracy Parish said...

Wonderful. I wish I had found this one last semester for a course I was working on. I ended up using and being quite happy with the Nuvvo site. When I was searching around for just the right open source platform I had a hard time finding something that mimicked my university course and something that didn't restrict the amount of content or number of students. Most seemed to have unlimited features as long as you paid for them of course. This tool seems quite comparable or even just a great place to get your feet wet in designing a new course.
Thanks for the find.