Friday, August 31, 2007

Edu 2.0 - Could THIS be the one that works?

Thanks to Download Squad for pointing me to this one JUST before closing up shop for the weekend.
DANG! Now I need to create another hour or so to check this out.

Let me know what you think and tell me about it on next weeks podcast. Leave a comment and how I can get a hold of you.

Get your free Elluminate vRoom


Elizabeth Clark said...

I signed up for an Ellumiante vRoom at the beginning of July ( and am using it to hold virtual office hours this fall. My classes just started this week, and no students have shown up yet. It seems to work the same as a full-blown Elluminate room, though, as I understand it, audio chat can't be recorded, and, of course, there is a limit of three people.

Anonymous said...

I found edu2.0 last week and commented on my blog Have a look at edu 2.0 creator's own blog, it doesn't shout out education to me.

bschlenker said...

Hi Elizabeth! Glad to see educators taking advantage of Elluminate's VERY cool service. I know teachers who are leaving the public school system and using web tools like Elluminate to start lucrative tutoring services.
I know because I pay for them and help them get started with the tools.

I look for tools like edu2.0 to supply more advanced tools that support the other aspects of a tutors business. For now its simply blogs, wikis, drupal and or Moodle and elluminate.