Thursday, September 20, 2007

Enterprise Wiki as Intranet - a success story

This is a great find! Nathan at e-gineer blog summarized a beautiful case study. I have many friends and colleagues in organizations struggling to get wikis into the enterprise. They will surely gain insight from this case study.

Here's some good stuff:
"In 2006, Janssen-Cilag completely replaced our simple, static HTML intranet with a Wiki solution. Over the 16 months since launch, it has dramatically transformed our internal communication and continues to increase in both visits and content contributions each month."

They selected Confluence by Atlassian.
Special note: Nathan didn't use the term wiki.
"People shouldn't know or care that they are using a Wiki. All that matters is that they can easily browse, search and contribute content. (In fact, after 16 months, only a small set of Janssen-Cilag staff would think of our Intranet as a Wiki. To them, it just seems natural that Intranet software would have evolved to something this simple to use.)"

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