Wednesday, August 10, 2011

37% of Executives will Focus MOST Social Strategies on Corporate Training in 2011

Wow! I did NOT see this coming. 201108101022.jpg According to this research found at psfk but done by GetSatisfaction, CEOs really are thinking about social media strategies for education and training.

Well, at least 37.3% are. But hey, that's a start right? Did any of you think it would have been higher?

Na, me either.

The image in this post is pulled from a much larger INFOGRAPHIC that can be found at FUTURELAB titled Let's Get Down to Social Business.

Oops. Just stumbled onto a link to the original post as well. Guess I better spread the link love, right?

Its interesting to me that only about HALF of the 900 executives in the study "believe that they have to adopt social business or will fall behind".


To everyone in corporate eLearning, I want you to pay VERY close attention to the FROM THE INSIDE OUT section of the infographic. Take a look at the first column representing the results to the question...
"What internal social strategies will you focus most on in 2011?"
You'll notice that "Internal education and training is #2 at 37%. Oooh, yea for us! But I want you to take a closer look at what is in the #1 spot. Go ahead. I'll sit here a minute and give you a chance to check it out.

<cue Jeopardy game show music>

Wow, look at that! CEOs are MORE interested in "Creating ROI Measurements"... almost 50% in fact.

Wouldn't it be REALLY cool if you...the little ol' training department person... could go to the CEO and say,
"Hey, I know exactly how to integrate social media into our training programs AND I can show you how we intend to measure employee performance improvements over time."
Or something like that. Anyways, the big message here is to NOT forget that measurements are important to CEOs. They don't care about your Bloom's taxonomy, and your Hannifin and Peck Media Selection guide, and your ADDIE model, and your bla, bla, bla, new shiny rapid development tool. CEOs want results. And they want to know HOW you're going to give it too them and what indicators important to THEM you are going to move forward.

So get busy! You've got work to do. least 37% of you do.


Kelly Meeker said...

Nice! I too am jazzed about that high number. All the more reason to highlight the speed, informality and effectiveness of social media in action.

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