Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The eLearning Guild's Handbook of e-Learning Strategy

You may think you already have your learning strategy in place and you are marching forward to the perfect plan...think again!
There is always a need to stop and evaluate what we are doing. Download the pdf above and be the hero of your organization. Help your manager understand what it is you've been trying to do over the years since. Managers, help your team get on the same page.
There is true gold in this ebook whether you're knee deep in a long term strategy, starting a new training organization, or simply thinking about adding Learning2.0 to the mix. EVERYONE will take something useful away when reading this.
I'm sending mine to mimeo (they offer a free trial) and getting a bound copy RIGHT NOW!
Surely I'm biased because its a product of the Guild. But remember, YOU are the Guild as much as I am, if not more so.
Let me know how this pdf helps you. Likewise, let me know if you think I've wasted your time.


surra said...


PDF-s link is broken: The page cannot be found

bschlenker said...

Thanks for the tip. It works now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.