Monday, December 10, 2007

The 2007 Collection of Reviews - and my random thoughts

With all the year in review stuff flying around, I thought I'd just link to some that I found. I also decided to add my own thoughts at the bottom. Enjoy!

70 Best Ideas of 2007 - New York Times: This one came from Mark Chrisman at badsquare. Its not about elearning but they touch on most of the technologies that have been at the forefront of elearning conversations.

Top 10 educational stories of 2007 - connectivism!: From Dave's Educational Blog

Cammy Bean's Top Posts of 2007.

And of course LearningCircuits Big Question: What did you learn about learning in 2007?
There are some GREAT comments here and some links to some very interesting ah-ha moments for learning professionals. My personal favorite comes from Marcel de Leeuwe at Powerlearning who created a pecha Kucha to answer the big question. I believe I've found another kindred spirit and another blog for the reader.

Here's a few thoughts that came to mind as I put this post together:

1) Mobile devices interacting with the physical world: QR Codes or something like them will be a killer tool for creating fun, engaging, interactive learning that actually encourages the user to explore the "real world". Lots of ideas are buzzing in my head for this stuff.

2) Pecha Kucha - very cool. Maybe just a trend but a great exercise in restraint and focus. Remember its NOT powerpoint's fault. Powerpoint doesn't bore people; people bore people...or something like that.

3) Facebook: yes I knew about Facebook in 06 but didn't use it until 07. I must say, however, that the system of email updating constantly is getting to be a drag. I'm going in before the new year to modify it significantly so that its not so annoying.

4) iPhone: It rocks...period. I will not say any more.

5) Blearning: This, was my attempt at creating a new word. I talked with Michele Martin about blearning in this podcast. I've learned more from Blogging than any other form of learning in my entire and complete academic career. Its not only reflective learning, but it has connected me to others, and been just a darn good (obsessive compulsive) time. turned 2 in August, 2007.

There is so much more...but not enough time. Cruising through my last years worth of posts was fun. You should cruise your own if you can find the time. Cheers!

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