Monday, February 04, 2008

Google AdWords Print Ads - QR Codes

Google AdWords Print Ads
Originally uploaded by Brent Schlenker

Where advertising and marketing goes, so goes eLearning.

I've mentioned QR codes as my pick for new technology in 2008 and now Google is in on the action. Cool!

Now if they could only convince Apple to create decoding software for the iPhone I'd be all set.

Oh yea, Apple, can you have that out before April? That would really help me out.


dlethe01 said...

Sprint and Scanbuy are not going to use QR 2D open standard codes.
Scanbuy only promotes Ezcode codes. Ezcode is a proprietary code. Ezcode is not standard. Scanbuy's scanlife can only scan Ezcode codes in the U.S.

Google's ZXING can read QR codes. Google's ZXING will be preinstalled on Google's Android application.
OMA, GSMA, MC2, Google,...are all working in the same direction.

bschlenker said...

Wow! Dlethe01, this is great information. I checked out your Mobile blog but was dissappointed to see that it was in French. I'll find my favorite posts and put them through babblefish and see how that works ;-)
Can you recommend a good resource for information in this space?

dlethe01 said...

Hi Brent, Please, check this list:

Jump! Mobile promotes Quickmark.

Scott Shaffer, Scanbuy's shareholder, promotes Scanbuy.

Roger Fischer, CEO of Kaywa, promotes Kaywa.

Tommi, manager of Nokia Beta Labs, promotes Nokia.

Amir Rozenberg, Former Director, Product Management at Nextcode, has promoted Nextcode.

Olivier Attia, Founder of Scanbuy, promotes Scanbuy

Beetag's blog

Shotcode's blog

Streetstylz and I promote Neomedia, Gavitec, NeoReader (Lavasphere), Glass (Activperint), Mobile Codes Consortium (MC2).
Streetstylz's blog

As you can see, we are not really partial.