Friday, February 29, 2008

LearnSense? - Googles AD Sense to deliver content

Ad Age Audio Reports - Google is talking about adsense as a content distribution technology. Google adsense recognizes the context of a web page and delivers relevant content. Currently that content is advertising. But in the near future that could be ANY type of content. Are you following me here?

Doesn't this sound a lot like "what you need, when you need it"? What if the content delivered was training content? Just in time. Just what you want. Right when you needed it.

This is why I like staying tuned into the Advertising and Marketing world. They get all the good information and technology first. This is why you'll never see a GoogLMS. They get the bigger picture of content and context. They will never need to fight Blackboard over the LMS patents because those patents become irrelevant in the content/context conversation. However, it is precisely these new tools, technologies, and applications that will put the LMS out of business.

So, stop rolling your eyes at me. Of course the LMS will be around for at LEAST another 10 years. Just make note that what you are seeing today is only a transition towards a much larger trend.

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