Friday, April 04, 2008

Live Blogging AG|08 - A perfect hands-on blearning experience!

Live Blogging is a great way to learn and get more out of your event experience. Tracy Hamilton and Cammy Bean are GREAT at this. I've started calling this BLEARNING. Mostly, because I think we absolutely need more buzzwords. Especially silly unnecessary ones like Blearning. (please visualize tongue firmly planted in cheek ;-)

One of our presenters (Ignatia/Inge de Waard) has already planned her live blogging schedule. This is fabulous! Scroll down and check out how she is connected on the web. In the lower right-column she lists all of her virtual identities at the various web2.0 sites. Very cool!

At AG|08 this month we are making the live blogging experience a truly LIVE blearning experience for anyone interested in giving it a try. We have selected a few of the most popular Web2.0 tools and some tags for everyone to use when posting live content online.

eLearning Guild AG|08 Live Blogging Start Page
This is the first place to go and get your live blearning experience started. It lists all of the elements posted below...and more.
(This is a work in progress and so expect to see updates before, during, and after the event.)

Pagecast: AG|08 Dashboard of live blogging content from PageFlakes
This pagecast is cool because the different sections will be displaying the live blogging content as it is created and posted to the many different web sites as soon as the content is uploaded.

The best way to stay in touch with the colleagues you meet is to "friend" them in Facebook, or "link" to them in LinkedIn. So we've also created a LinkedIn Group and facebook Group as a place to connect and share our experiences from the event.

If you are blearning at the event with your own blog then send us the link (service(at) We will add your blog and RSS to the Guild Start page and to the Pagecast.

Do you like to take pictures? Start a Flickr account and join the AG|08 Flickr Group.
Be sure to use the tag AG08 as the official tag for the event.

What the heck is TWITTER? Well, now is your chance to safely try it out and talk about it with your learning colleagues. (The eLearning Guild is not responsible for long term twitter addictions.)
So, FOLLOW us on twitter and we will follow you back.

Is there more? YES! There are many MANY more sites and methods for creating live event content. If you have any other sites or feeds that you want to share send them to the email above. We are starting with these to give you a sampling of what people doing on the Internet with their content.

We will also offer opportunities for live bloggers to gather and share tips and tricks and figure out what this stuff is all about. Watch this blog and the event blog for more details.


Cammy Bean said...

I will, sadly, not be blearning this particular event...but I will be anxiously reading all of your blearning updates!

Blearn, baby, blearn!

Anonymous said...

Seriously concerned. Went to your pageflakes page to check out how you plan to use it -- as I haven't really got into pageflakes. And what do I see a twitter badge with just tweets from that annoying Sue Waters :) - I think I may need to stop twittering - nope that's not going to happen :)

Inge (Ignatia) de Waard said...

hi Brent
Blearning, great tag (and post) :-)
thanks for gathering all the relevant tools and links, I have added twitter and flickr immediately.
Really looking forward to your presentation on qrcodes.