Saturday, September 27, 2008

100+ e-Learning Professionals to follow on TWITTER

Can I just say, Jane Hart ROCKS!!! It's like every time I think ya know it would be really cool if someone would do ________________(fill in the blank). And every time I think that, it turns out that its Jane that's already done it. From killer lists of tools to this list:

100+ e-Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter

Jane will be at DevLearn08 in November and I'm looking forward to meeting her in person.

The social networking of DevLearnLIVE will be up and running strong well before the event so be sure to follow the DevLearn08 on Twitter for all of the latest 140 character updates and to start connecting with others before the event.


Anonymous said...

Look I totally agree that Jane Hart rocks and normally I like her lists. Feel free to call me a grumpy old woman. But while a list like this in the corporate elearning sector might be good I don't believe it is for Edubloggers.

Is highlighting a select few really such a good thing when there are so many amazing people doing excellent work online? If people really want a list of which edubloggers to follow then how hard is it to look at twitter accounts of people like myself and Coolcatteacher; and choose from there.

Besides the fact that there are many on the 'twitter list' who aren't really into twitter or if they use twitter only follow a small number of people.

subquark said...

I stumbled upon the dl08 group accidentally last night while unwinding from my presentation tasks.

Nicely done!