Thursday, September 04, 2008

@KathySierra Learns Spanish via TWITTER

Originally uploaded by Brent Schlenker

And so can you. Follow @cadadia

If you are still trying to understand what TWITTER is all about and why we should care about in training/education, then here it is.

I'm randomly following my twitter stream, minding my own business, and all of sudden I see the string of tweets by @KathySierra that you now see posted in the image. It took all of about 20mins for Kathy to have a customized daily Spanish lesson delivered via TWITTER. (actually only 6mins according to Kathy) Actually delivered for ALL of us via twitter. Just "Follow" @cadadia and you will been connected to a stream of daily Spanish words.

Okay, so I can actually SEE all of you pedagogy pundits out there rolling your eyes at me. But you've GOT to admit this is pretty DAMN cool! And as Kathy might say: This is just another little thing that helps me kick ass! And so I'm all for it.

This was a wonderfully positive experience for me with TWITTER considering the morons we all endured 140 characters at a time during the conventions.


Anonymous said...

Should be @cadadia, no?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent

Interesting use of twitter. Another way others have suggested is to take an article that uses the language and put it through Wordle to identify all the commonly used terms. Then focus on learning those.

Plus off course there are the people who have joined online games like World of Warcraft for the language they want to learn. Since they have sound now you have the added benefit of text and conversational talk.

Gardner said...

Outstanding. Thanks for the link.

Nikki Fikes said...

love the Spanish on Twitter!