Thursday, October 23, 2008

TWearning? 47 Awesome Twitter Tools

First there was bLearning and now we have TWearning.  What?  You missed the bLearning craze?  Well, don't miss the next big thing.  Its TWearning!!!  But wait...if you act now we'll throw in a free set of wikis!

Okay, so its fun to make up new words and follow treands and memes in our fast paced tech-driven world.  But in all seriousness, there is a lot to gained from the idea of micro-bloggingTWITTER is only one of Many micro-blogging platforms.  There is,,, and so many more.  However, the big win in all of this seems to be the idea of open APIs.
The open platforms allow others to create custom applications that leverage the content of another system via that system's API, or application programming interface.

AND lets not forget the best way to get blog traffic is create a diffinitive list of some sort.  Jane Hart has the best eLearning lists around.
But today I, via twitter, discovered and his list of 47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using.

I was surprised to find MANY new and interesting uses for twitter that I had never even considered.  Something like:

"A free job listing board. Employers can promote their employment opportunities to social savvy job seekers… One of the most unique uses of Twitter I’ve seen."
If you are still trying to even understand why twitter is even important then maybe this list will help you. If not, then perhaps a healthy trip to the west coast for...(prepare for gratuitous promotional opportunity) DevLearn08 in San Jose, CA. Michelle Lentz will be guiding through the world of micro-blogging in eLearning (session 502) and you can also experience it first hand participating in DevLearnLIVE. Follow dl08 on twitter for all of the latest updates.  Or you can follow me at

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