Friday, December 05, 2008

12 Brain Rules - Become a Fan! - BrainRules for StoryTellers

I was just cruising my long facebook feed and noticed that Laura Kratochvil had shared a video of Dr. John Medina who keynoted DevLearn08 this past November.  This video is about 10mins of his presentation on Long-Term memory.  Its excellent! He also did a Google Authors event you can see on Youtube.

I remembering being a little disappointed that Dr. Medina did not have a twitter account, and so I was very happy to become a "fan" of his facebook page.  You should too.

In this serendipitous process of discovery I noticed his photos. This photo (brainrules for storytellers - on right) took me to Austin Kleon's blog.  Great looking blog that I need to check out more later.

I also saw this photo of Jay Cross with Dr. Medina and realized that I did not get a photo taken with him...

...however I am in the background of this photo ;-)

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