Thursday, April 01, 2010

iPad Fever

Yes.  I did call UPS today and ask if I may lend a hand by driving to the central hub and picking up my, um, "shipment from China" so my driver doesn't have to worry about stopping by my house.  Seriously! I'm just trying' to be helpful.  "That's not possible" she said.  I told her that I'm just a little excited to get my "shipment from China".  "I'm sure you are" she laughed as if she knew me.  We bonded.

My favorite writer and Mac fan boy, Andy Ihnatko, has had HIS iPad for a week already and is GUSHING about how AWESOME it is.  All the other high profile writers have theirs as well and are writing like crazy.  Here's a good blog post with the run down.

And yes, plenty of my eLearning peeps have been blogging about it.  The only difference being that they have not actually used, or even seen one yet. 

Honestly, I don't think their's much to talk about really.  Its all just too obvious.  The iPad is all the awesomesauce of the iPhone in a larger form factor for doing the things I CAN do, but DON'T LIKE to do, on my iPhone.  

Let's start with playing music.  No, not playing songs in iTunes.  I'm talking about replacing paper sheet music with the iPad.  I can't read a score…even a one-pager on my iPhone while jamming with the band.  but an iPad will sit nicely on the music stand and be easily readable.  Not only that, I can actually make annotations right on the music during practice with one band leader and then start from scratch when rehearsing with the next leader.  And OH SO MUCH more.  This alone is worth the price.  Wait!  Is this app even available?  Maybe I'm just hoping.

I have a long flight to Philadelphia on Thursday which I'm actually looking forward too…and I hate cross-country flights.  I may upgrade to first class for this trip just to experience 5 hours of uninterrupted iPad time in style ;-) I hope Keynote works as advertised because that's the purpose of the trip.  It will be fun to put the iPad through its paces and see how we do.

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Kevin Thorn said...

Oh my! You've got it bad! Or should I say, "iBad" :)

I weighed the decision long and hard and I'm leaning back on my "don't buy the first version of new tech toys" laurels. As much as I'm totally addicted to my iPhone, I can certainly see the bennies of the 'pad...but I'm not in a band so...

Safe travels!