Friday, January 27, 2012

1,300 iPads for Level 3 Sales Team - Perfect Mobile Learning Tool

So, if you are one of the people mad about the EULA for iBooks2.  And you are convinced that companies will not use Author for training materials? THINK AGAIN!!!

MacTrast posted "Level 3 Looks to iPad to Reinvent their Sales Team".  They are relaying the story from Information Week's article "iPad's for All: One Sales Team's Story".
While neither article specifically mentions iBooks as part of the intended use, I can bet that it's coming.  I mean, why not? Right? 1,300 Sales people outfitted with iPads means the delivery channel is ready and the sales team will expect it.

The last paragraph of the article states:
What's next for Level 3's iPad app? Taylor doesn't pretend to know. "Enterprise IT is dead," he likes to say--meaning IT needs to take the consumer tools people like to use, watch and learn how people work best, and then provide systems that fit. He's convinced there's something important and different in how efficiently people interact with the tablets' interface, and that "we've only scratched the surface of using that." 
If you work for Level 3 in the training department will you please contact me :) 

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