Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Media for Learning: Top Tools - New Research Report from The eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild released it's highly anticipated TOP TOOLS report today.

Get the download here.

Of course this report was completed prior to the Apple announcement.  But next year's report, I suspect, will have a new tool on the list: iBook Author.  It's definitely a game changer.

What I've discovered over the last few years with regards to iOS is that many people start out wanting to create an iPhone app because they have some information to share.  What they really want to create is an interactive experience...more like a digital book.  Author makes the development of interactive digital content easy, and the app is free.  So, why not? Right?  But I digress...

Here are just a few of the data points revealed in the report:

  • 46% want ability to support mobile delivery of their #eLearning media 
  • Adobe Captivate has largest media tool market share with 40.4%
  • Top-rated #eLearning Media Tool by Cost = Audacity
  • 85.6% rate Adobe Photoshop Excellent for #eLearning graphics creation and/or content editing
  • 67.1% say Lectora is essential for their overall #eLearning Media toolkit
  • 70% report being able to use SnagIt and Audacity effectively within 1 week of use
Find out more from the author of the report at Learning Solutions conference in Florida, March 21-23.


Christy Tucker said...

Do you really think iBook Author will be a game changer? I think the EULA makes it a non-starter for e-learning. I can't imagine too many companies agreeing to give up their rights to ever sell their content in any format not controlled by Apple. "Sorry, we know you created this, but you can't sell it on your own company website as a PDF or Flash course or anything else because Apple owns it." I don't see ebooks as a big game changer anyway, but especially not with that ludicrous EULA.

Am I missing something here that makes this more useful than what I'm seeing?

bschlenker said...

Hi Christy!
I'm doing some research to get all the facts clear. I don't want to be wrong on this. But from what I'm hearing so far, you do NOT need to publish via iTunes. And I have heard rumors of big companies already contracting out to have their training materials created in the iBooks2 format with Author as the creation tool.
The EULA only comes into play if you want to enter into a contractual agreement with Apple to SELL your iBook. And I've also heard rumors of several HowTo book authors who say the EULA with Apple is MUCH more favorable than ANY contract being offered by a traditional publisher. And you will begin to see many authors bail on their publishers.
I originally did not see the FULL potential either when I first watched the announcement. But after reviewing many of the reviews I'm convinced at the very least this will have a MAJOR disruptive effect.

bschlenker said...

Oh and yes. If you have not played with Author yet, then you are missing something. It's amazingly easy to use and you can do all sorts of multi-media with it and extend it with widgets that reach out to dynamic content. We aren't just talking about the old school eBooks here. iBooks Author takes it to a whole new level.

Christy Tucker said...

Looks like they have modified the license. Now it doesn't look so absurd.

I'm still not convinced that any ebook is a game changer, but if you're right, I'll completely give you credit for having more foresight than me. :)