Monday, March 05, 2012

Steve Martin - From Solo Act to Group Act and How it Relates to Corporate Training

Steve Martin is one of my all time favorite performers.  I remember growing up watching him on Saturday Night Live.  I even had his album Let's Get Small on 8-track tape. And yes, I've been known to throw out an old Steve Martin joke from time to time.  My personal favorite I use when sharing advice I've received, "Always!...wait...Never!" Gets a laugh every time.  Thanks Steve!

Anyways! I was excited to hear that he was going to be on one of the TWiT network shows and so I added Triangulation to my podcast feed list.  And the main reason I am sharing this segment with my colleagues in Corporate eLearning is that Steve shares some great insite into understanding Twitter. I think his experience is interesting and appropriate for our industry and the times we currently live in.

"...from a solo act too a group act."
I think most people, that are new to Twitter, go through a similar process. But I don't believe many people end up making the deeper connection.  I still don't think many "stars" have truly engaged their audience.  Many see it as a one direction promotional channel for "fans" to simply watch them...not necessarily connect.  I like that Steve is humble enough to recognize the value of his followers and that they can funny too.

In the world of Corporate Learning we will slowly begin to see social media enter the walls of work, if you haven't already.  We may be responsible for bringing it in or we may not.  It doesn't really matter.  Social Business is here to stay and is changing how we work, play, and learn.  This is not the time to hold on to the past.  It's time to embrace the change and move forward from an industry supporting the solo act of teaching to the group act of collaborating and learning.

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Anonymous said...

Brent, I couldn't agree with you more about the need for corporations to embrace social media and discover how it can best be leveraged within their workforce. I work for a defense contractor and have always felt we as an industry are behind the times when it comes to utilizing emerging technology to help our employees learn and collaborate.
I recently pushed trying to get our company to allow the use of Yammer - no luck. I have learned though that there are some capabilities with SharePoint that they are going to try and leverage in a similar way. So I was encouraged that at least they are trying to come up with something that can ease collaboration efforts. Do you have any technology suggestions to companies like ours that might need to wade into the shallow end of the pool - something easy to encourage them to go farther?