Tuesday, June 02, 2009

ONLINE FORUM: Lights, Camera, Action - Using Media to Engage the Learner

It wasn’t long ago that e-Learning developers thought that putting a simple Flash animation and a small sound file into their e-Learning offerings was really leading-edge stuff. But today much more advanced technology, like higher bandwidth, gaming, and immersive learning techniques, is easily available. And, ever-more-sophisticated learners, who are demanding more effective and absorbing e-Learning programs, are pushing for adoption of advanced media techniques.

This Online Forum will show you how to use audio, video, animation, and other technologies to enhance the engagement and “stickyness” of your e-Learning offerings. You’ll see real-life examples, and learn various design approaches for effectively using media. This Online Forum is your best chance to focus on improving the e-Learning you create for your organization, and to...

  • EXPLORE how using different media tools and processes can enhance your e-Learning offerings,
  • DISCOVER how better use of media enhances a wide variety of topics and formats,
  • EXAMINE the design and development of media-use techniques to achieve specific goals,
  • LEARN how other organizations are using media to build engagement into their e-Learning programs, and
  • ENSURE that your e-Learning meets both your learners’ and your organizations’ goals.

All Times Listed in Pacific Time

Opening General Session
Thursday, June 4 — 8:30a to 9:45a

Concurrent Session Block 2
Thursday, June 4 — 10:15a to 11:30a

Concurrent Session Block 3
Thursday, June 4 — 12:00n to 1:15p

Concurrent Session Block 4
Friday, June 5 — 8:30a to 9:45a

Concurrent Session Block 5
Friday, June 5 — 10:15a to 11:30a

Closing General Session
Friday, June 5 — 12:00n to 1:15p

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Michelle Lentz, Write Technology

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