Monday, February 24, 2014

Twitter Conversation Types and Learning

I've often wondered how much learning really occurs via twitter conversations and can the learning be measured. Twitter is fabulous for supporting your loosely joined networks.  And many in the eLearning community list Twitter as one of their favorite "Learning Tools".  But can we really say its Twitter that's truly responsible for the learning, or is it the ongoing conversations and connections to content that matter more?

I saw a tweet from @eGeeking (Bianca Woods) today with a link to the new Pew Research report (Mapping Twitter Topic Networks) that identifies The Six Structures of Conversation Networks. Of course my first thought was, how does learning fit into these structures.  And then I started wondering if learning even SHOULD fit into these structures.

It's a very interesting read and will no doubt spark conversations for a while, and supply information for many social media conversations to come.

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