Thursday, April 03, 2014

Brent Schlenker Joins the Litmos Team

Today I announced on the Litmos blog that I am now the Chief Learning Strategist for Litmos.  This is an amazing opportunity that I've been looking forward too for quite a while.  You can read the post here.
I've been less active on social media over the last couple years, with a couple attempts to jump back into the game only to fizzle out shortly after (re)starting. But now I can say with certainty that you will be seeing a lot more of me on the internet and at industry events. And, of course, with my new friend Lenny.

And I'm certain some of you are scratching your heads and wondering "why Litmos"? the post on the Litmos blog first.
But the REAL reason is that any company willing to let me bring a magician/entertainer (the amazing +Brian Brushwood ) to their booth and drive a nail through his nose...well...those are fun people I want to work with. :)
Brian Brushwood and the amazing nail-in-the-nose trick!
I look forward to meeting the Litmos customers and continuing to help the industry move forward in new and exciting ways. 

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