Friday, March 31, 2006

Learning2.0 Research

Thanks Brian for the summary of Forrester research.  

The summary of the report:

The convergence of learning and work launches a new era for supporting the needs
of workers to learn while they work. While eLearning courses and classroom
instruction will always have their place, today's workers often don't have the
time to take formal courses composed of many lessons. Instead, these workers
need on-the-spot training available in the many personalized tools and resources
they interact with to reach peak job performance. Meeting this need prompted two
large enterprises, IBM and Nike, to make learning contextual — delivering
learning in bite-size pieces and integrating it into the work environment while
minimizing work disruption. While each took different contextual learning
approaches, both boosted worker performance.

This is my favorite part… “delivering learning in bite-size pieces”.  Sounds like MicroLearning to me. Or as Elliott Masie defines nano-learning.

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