Friday, July 28, 2006

Ad - Comm - HR - Learning - Training = NOT innovation creators

I've noticed a theme in my blog reading lately: Where does the innovation come from?  I can't remember the blog to link to it, but it was an ad/marketing/business blog that talked about why none of the technology innovation in adverstising comes from madison avenue.  They said something to the effect of..."these are the creative people, shouldn't we see more innovative stuff from them."  I'd have to say, no, and for the same reasons that learning/training don't create new technology innovations:  Its just not our job!  And I mean that in the sense that learning isn't about technology any more that advertising is about technology.  We just both use the existing technology to achieve our goals in certain instances.

Harold asks Where are open source learning applications? I say they are all over the place:  Google, Blogger, wikipedia, squidoo, Nuvvo, and all the others.  In my years as a training professional i can't think of one technology that was specifically created/invented for the purpose of learning that was any good.  Sure, someone had the bright idea to label an over-glorified database with the term Learning Management System.  But, come on, really, is any LMS a technology breakthrough?  Browsers we not created for learning, but there are awesome!  Flash was not created for learning but we use that as well. 

My point is that we don't need any specific open source learning applications.  That would be just another thing that people need to learn...another interface to learn...another login id and password to remember.  We are at our best when we evaluate the existing technologies and leverage them for the purpose of learning.  We are at our worst when we try to create our own little system and call it the Learning thingy.

As Mark Oehlert also gets at is that if systems were designed better then training wouldn't be necessary.  I've often pleaded...with software developers to put me out of a job.  Or at least let me focus on more important things than "training to the bugs".

Did anyone here need any training to work their iPod?
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